Best Price Guarantee

We do not only offer great products at a good price - we are also willing to beat any price you find online.

If you find the same item (same color / same size) cheaper at another online retailer, please contact us and we will beat the price even before you purchase.

How to get the best price:

  • Visit the site of the product you wish to purchase
  • Click "Best Price Guarantee" in the box below the "Add to Cart" Button
  • Enter your e-mail address and the link of the cheaper offer
  • Submit
  • The North Face

Conditions for the best price guarantee are:

  • United Kingdom EUR
  • The product may not be a dealer offer
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies only to stores within the EU
  • The comparison currency or comparison price is always in Euro
  • The product is in-stock at the other store
  • Coats & Jackets