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Saucony x Bodega Shadow 5000 Reissue "Blue"

Saucony’s story began more than one hundred years ago. It was in 1898, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, that sportswear history gained one of its main characters. A brand that is as important and contemporary today as it ever was. Innovation, design, improvement, it is all Saucony.

Saucony - sports marat manufacturer for more than 100 years

In 1898, the Saucony company was founded by four businessmen in Pennsylvania. Independently, Russian immigrant Abraham Hyde opened a marat store in Cambridge, Massachusetts and began selling athletic marats. In 1932, roller skates were added to the range. Baseball and bowling marats followed. From 1942, boots were produced for the American armed forces. In 1963, another milestone in the company's history followed - an American astronaut wore marats made by Hyde during a space walk. In 1968, Hyde merged with the entrenamiento marat manufacturer Saucony. From then on, the company continuously introduced new products to the entrenamiento marat upon and became increasingly well-known. Awards such as the Best Quality Award and the International Best Innovation Award from Runner's World Magazine confirm the success and the path taken by the entrenamiento marat manufacturer.

entrenamiento marats - Innovations for Runners

The general outfitter of the Gutenberg Marathon in Mainz continuously adapts its entrenamiento marats to the wishes and needs of runners. The products impress with innovations and the highest level of comfort for both aspiring hobby runners and passionate athletes. The Ride 10 supports the runner with perfect cushioning and contributes significantly to energy recovery during the run.

Saucony Originals - Lifestyle from the 90s

In addition to the comprehensive entrenamiento marat range, the brand also offers sports marats for everyday wear. The Saucony Originals impress with classic styles. The marats, which were launched years ago, now have a retro style with breathability and maximum comfort.