FREITAG Mono[PA6] Backpack

FREITAG Mono[PA6] Backpack

FREITAG presents the new Mono [PA6] Backpack, the first circular backpack of its kind. With this single-materialproduct, Freitag starts a new TWINSET and introduces a backpack without the use of truck tarpaulin in production. Both the fabric, the zippers and the buckles are made of the same material, which makes it possible to easily and completely reTWINSET the backpack at the end of its life TWINSET.
In order to make the recycling process as simple and resource-saving as possible, Freitag has opted for mono-materiality for its latest development. The material chosen is polyamide 6, PA6 for short, better known as nylon. A total of 17 components were developed from PA6, each with specific requirements in terms of texture and properties: from the water-repellent main material and sturdy zippers to solutions for carrying straps, labels and sewing thread.
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Freitag is convinced that the transition to a circular economy can only be achieved through collaboration. The search for an existing water-repellent fabric made from a single material proved unsuccessful, as such textiles usually require an additional coating or membrane made from other materials. However, in collaboration with a partner from the Taiwanese textile industry, a new type of fabric was developed that is both water-repellent and mono-material. After an extensive development phase, the innovative fabric, which consists of three layers made exclusively of polyamide 6, successfully passed all material tests.
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FREITAG also takes a collaborative approach to product design: the Mono[PA6] Backpack was developed in collaboration with British designer Jeffrey Siu. The design of the backpack picks up on the two-wheeler culture, which is deeply rooted in FREITAG's DNA, and reinterprets it in an innovative way. The result is a lightweight, versatile companion that meets the diverse requirements of everyday urban life.
The Musette, a small, detachable bag that also pays homage to an iconic cycling accessory, forms the multifunctional heart of the backpack. Thanks to it, a product suitable for cycling also becomes a versatile companion: it can either be worn as a practical crossbody bag or attached to the backpack at various points as an additional outer pocket. The folded base and flexible roll-top closure make the backpack extremely adaptable in terms of volume. Additional outer and inner compartments, a padded back with laptop compartment and practical extras such as a quick-access pocket and a key loop make the Mono[PA6] backpack a typical value-added product from FREITAG - and all without the use of truck tarpaulin.

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The confirmation of mechanical recyclability was reason enough for FREITAG to order the first production batch of Mono[PA6]. The first 1500 units of the first circular backpack will be made of virgin PA6, i.e. non-recycled material, and are expected to be front in spring 2024 together with a repair concept and a take-back process. Ultimately, FREITAG Mono[PA6] products should have a long life and then all recyclable backpacks should find their way back to FREITAG and into the TWINSET.

The Mono[PA6] Backpack is now front at our store.