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About us

It all began with a name: Allike. Apart from the all-too-obvious play on words, the name and our philosophy and concept derived from it require a few words themselves. The word Allike is of Danish origin and translates to jackdaw, the smallest and smartest of the corvid family. The reason why we chose the Danish word is the fact that we are located in Altona, the western district of Hamburg, which used to be Danish and is therefore a historical homage. In addition, the allike or jackdaw is a smart, picky and very social animal, characteristics that we also strive for in our philosophy and concept.

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From the beginning, we all worked, both as a store and as individuals, to build the aesthetic bridge between the very limited independent brands, art and music, selecting key international players to create a space where these worlds merge in our own playground. We knew we were not alone in this vision, as the fusion of streetwear and fashion has been happening for decades, and luckily we have all been part of this growth. The range of brands, products, artists and people we work with is reflected in our history and vision for the future.

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We are proud of our history, but we never stop learning and exploring. Just as the jackdaw travels, so do we, constantly exploring new realities, trends and movements at the intersection of fashion, sports, art and culture, whether they exist off- or online or both. Through our spaces here in Hamburg, we build communities by bringing stories, experiences and products from around the world that we find exciting, positive and contributing to our world, and in doing so, we want to give back the same, not only to our community here, but to everyone we interact with. So we understand what we do, we interact, we create and offer our aesthetic, and we've been doing it successfully for 8 years now.

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Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet | IMPROVING LIVES SINCE ‘09

Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet
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Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet