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Carhartt as a specialist for high-quality vests and more

The Carhartt brand has its roots in 1889, when the company was founded in Detroit. The team specializes in high-quality and robust clothing and workwear such as Carhartt vests. Even today we attach great importance to quality. The company is still family owned.

Carhartt vest for more comfort and coziness

Carhartt has vests that are ideal for the cool and cold season. It is versatile and offers warmth above all. The Carhartt Vest can be worn over a flannel top or under a parka. Such a garment goes well with any other fashion. Whether it's sunshine, wind or rain, you'll get through the day with these clothes.

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Vest 1 products?

In every Carhartt vest there is a label with the appropriate care instructions. The temperature printed on the label must not be exceeded during the washing process. Preferably, the clothing is turned inside out and washed.

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The Carhartt vest usually has a comfortable fit. It is usually cut a little wider so that you can easily wear it over a sweater.

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