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Air Jordan 3 Pine Green Clothing | Carhartt sweatshirt - the brand is convincing

The Carhartt brand is a company from the USA. The history of Carhartt began in 1889 in the USA. In the meantime, the manufacturer's articles are also popular and well-known in Europe. The team creates robust and high-quality workwear. But the company also offers casual everyday clothing such as the Carhartt sweatshirt in a chic style. Feeling good is no problem in fashion from Carhartt.

Comfortable and soft - Carhartt sweatshirts are a surprise

A sweatshirt from Carhartt is not only ideal for the working day, but also for everyday wear. The Carhartt sweatshirt is characterised by its soft and cosy materials. At the same time, it is also extremely robust and easy to care for. Such a jumper is perfect at any time.

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Does the Carhartt Sweatshirts have a drawstring for easy adjustment?

The Carhartt sweatshirt for adults is usually equipped with a drawstring so that the hood can be adjusted comfortably.

Do the Carhartt sweatshirts have a regular fit according to the size?

Carhartt sweatshirts have a regular fit and are in the typical size range. If something runs smaller or larger, there will be a note to that effect.