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Bags by Porter by Yoshida - Modern and stylish

Who isn't constantly on the lookout for a new, practical and good-looking bag? Porter by Yoshida bags meet exactly these criteria, because they are available in all sizes, colours and patterns, in models suitable for both men and women.

What makes Porter by Yoshida bags stand out?

These bags not only look good, but special attention is paid to the workmanship and the practical aspect. These bags almost always have one or two carrying straps and are made of robust material. The colour selection tends to be more muted, as these are preferably outdoor bags that include colours like green, black or brown. This is precisely why these bags and backpacks are very popular among men, as they are not flashy models but stylish bags nonetheless. There are many models, such as backpacks, fanny packs, shoulder bags or so-called duffel bags, so there is something for every taste.

Advantages of the bags

The Porter by Yoshida bags offer a lot of advantages compared to other bags.
good workmanship and quality
different models
different sizes
suitable for outdoor use
Coats & Jackets

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If you are looking for a new, modern bag, you should definitely take a closer look at the bags by Porter by Yoshida. The design is innovative, chic and at the same time offers the wearer a lot of storage space for wallet, keys etc. Since there are many different models, everyone is sure to find a bag that suits him or her.

All of Porters bags are handmade by their company's skilled craftsmen. Some lines were under development for 3 years before their launch, such is their devotion to excellence. In keeping with the founder of the Yoshida Porter's company principal, all bags are strictly “Made in Japan”.