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Dutch artist Piet Parra is best known for his curved post-pop imagery, highly saturated colors, vibrant hand-drawn letters and worlds inhabited by hybrid, surreal characters. celebrated by galleries and championed by an underground following from the outset, Parra has quickly become a respected and eclectic artist worldwide. Parra creates an enigmatic and instantly recognizable style by working across drawing, painting, animation and sculpture. In regards to clothing, Parra strives for high quality which is why most of the products are made in Portugal at vendors that are selected for high quality and consistency.

Parra - an expert in multifaceted art

Parra is a Dutch artist known for buoyant and special post-pop images. Colourful and lively letters and worlds are created by the artist. Piet Parra is one of the most versatile and worldwide respected artists ever. One recognises his works directly at first sight because of the special style.

Works of art by Parra with a lot of creativity and special features

The works of the artist Parra are characterised by a very special and unique style. Paintings, animations, sculptures and hand-drawn letters are part of it. It is important for the artist that the clothes really appear in high quality. That's why many products are made in Portugal by certain companies, so that high quality and consistency are a given.

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In our Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet you will find many different products from Parra. Among other things, there are different clothing items. Socks, T-shirts, hoodies and caps are just some of the products. But there are also cushions, mugs and key rings. Of course, everything is available in the fresh and exciting Parra style with many refinements and highlights.

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How is the fit of Parra longsleeves designed?

Parra longsleeves usually come with the typical and normal fit. If there are any variations, this is usually mentioned in the item description.

Are Parra products suitable for the dryer?

Most Parra products are not suitable for the dryer. It's best to just check the care instructions so you don't go wrong.