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History of the brand

Two grandsons of the original founder formed the joint venture in 1958, which they then named Reebok, which is derived from the African roe antelope, in English Rhebok or in Afrikaans Ribbok. In 1979, a well-known outdoor sports distributor discovered Reebok shoes, which he then introduced to the North American market as running shoes through the acquired distribution rights. In 1982, the aerobic fitness wave began, for which the Freestyle running shoe for women was introduced. This shoe is still used today as a running shoe, although of course it is still being developed further. The new feature of this shoe model is the Velcro closure that keeps the upper closed. Reebok's history also includes the company's support of Bolton Wanderers, who named their new stadium the Reebok Stadium. Manchester City also received a major equipment contract in 2003 and Reebok is the official footwear supplier for many sports, including tennis, baseball and more. Many well-known athletes, such as the famous racing driver Lewis Hamilton or the footballer Ryan Giggs, swear by Reebok sports shoes.

Influence on the fashion scene

Fashion was also written with the various models of Reebok sneakers, especially in the beginning with the Freestyle running shoes, which were well received by women and were later also produced for men. The double Velcro closure on the upper shaft of the women's shoes was a novelty that has continued to this day. In the 80s, the Freestyle models became real icons, especially because of the higher shoes with their two Velcro fasteners. These models were then also designed for men, but with only one Velcro fastener. After the great success of the Freestyle models, an equally popular model for men was introduced, called Ex-O-Fit. The sneakers are also available with higher or slightly lower straps with a Velcro fastening. Thus, the most diverse models of Reebok sports shoes still determine fashion today. The sneakers are still seen on the streets of the sneaker scene, especially after the launch of well-known models like the Reebok pump 4.

Top models of the brand and their special features

A particularly revolutionary invention was the Reebok pump 4 model, which was developed in 1989. This special model was equipped with a pump function that made this sneaker successful for years to come. This special technology consists of several air chambers that can fill themselves as needed. A pump integrated into the shoe inflates the individual chambers so that the shoe adapts to every foot and is more comfortable to wear. Prominent athletes such as Michael Chang and Dee Brown have made this model a real hit in the lifestyle world up to the present day, which is still going strong. In 2009, the air chamber technology was extended by the so-called EasyTone technology, which is used for additional training of the upper and leg muscles. This shoe was intended as a sports shoe, but also as an everyday shoe, and is considered the forerunner of today's roll-off shoe.

Prominent Reebok wearers

Since January 2006, Reebok International Ltd. has been part of Adidas AG, which has significantly increased its share of Reebok sneaker sales in North America. Equipment contracts with Bundesliga clubs such as 1.FC Köln were also concluded, which expired in 2012. Trend sports such as basketball or running are now the focus of Reebok/Adidas, which is where they are concentrating their efforts.

The name Reebok speaks for itself. No other sport shoe label impresses with high quality and progress for such a long time. Reebok isn’t just a brand – Reebok is a legend.

At Reebok they see it as their purpose to inspire people to be their absolute best. They believe that fitness is a way of life. Tough Fitness is their take on fitness for all that are willing to conquer the unknown obstacles in life.