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Nike's history

The former sports coach Bill Bowerman founded the company Blue Ribbon Sport's together with Philip Knight in 1964. The business initially concentrated on the distribution of sports shoes. From 1971, they manufactured these themselves under the name Nike. These shoes were lighter and had more profiled soles compared to what was usually available on the American market. The first collection from their own production appeared in 1972. Commercial success was also achieved through the association with successful athletes. Steve Prefontaine was already equipped with Nike shoes at the 1972 Olympic Games. He finished fourth in the 5000 metres and later made the brand known in other races as well. In 1984, Michael Jordan, then still a basketball rookie, was signed on. With his collaboration, they designed their own collections. Already in the first year, this resulted in the "Air Jordan". Football world champion Brazil was also signed up in 1994, as was the then lesser-known golfer Tiger Woods two years later. Later, triathlete and professional cyclist Lance Armstrong was also recruited for Nike. In 2015, a lifetime advertising contract was signed with an athlete for the first time in the company's history. This happened with the professional basketball player LeBron James.


Today, Nike is still known for its various and mostly eye-catching shoe models. Over the years, however, the product range has become much more diverse. In the meantime, a wide range of sportswear is available. In the area of sports accessories, equipment and accessories, they were also able to win a market for themselves. With Nike+, the company entered the fitness tracker business. In April 2014, Nike announced that it would not continue the development of wearables. However, the existing products were to remain on the market.

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The world-famous company logo, the Swoosh, was designed by a graphic design student named Carolyn Davidson. Stand up, speak up!" has been used since 2005 to campaign against racism and for more tolerance and acceptance.