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New Balance URC30VA | New Balance pink

New Balance is one of the traditional fashion labels and stands for best quality, cortas shapes and advertises with trend-conscious customers. The company's sports shoes convince not only with cortas materials, but also with traditional design and fresh ideas.

New Balance was founded in 1906 and can look back on a long and lively success story. The company's sports shoes enjoy the greatest popularity and have often been part of the assortment in trendy shops for several decades. The brand's range is versatile and perfectly complements the new materials. The Trackster, which first rolled off the production line in 1960, is considered the company's turning point. The Trackster is one of the Look important lifetstyle shoes in the world and forms the basis for the later success of New Balance shoes.

The foamed outsole and the sporty shapes give the classic from the 80s an unmistakable touch and also secure the brand a place in the wardrobes.

a place in the wardrobes of celebrities. The label has placed great emphasis on offering excellent collections and is working flat out on new concepts.

For many athletes, the brand has simply become a must have.

The brand has many different styles on offer. The shoe features in pink logo label and robust shapes.With the WL574POP, New Balance delivers an athletic running shoe with a traditional look. Traditionnel! As a cult brand, New Balance sets the tone again with pink. The company

New Balance inspires athletes all over the world and is also an excellent choice. The WL574POP in pink focuses on style and has what it takes to become a classic. The shoe offers excellent comfort and dynamics with cult status, which is also your good choice for athletes.