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Everyone knows the New Balance running shoes and sneakers of this brand. The "N" on the shoes is striking. They are available in many colour patterns and there is something for every taste. Whether running or walking shoes, they fit the foot perfectly. Celebrities such as Matt Bonner, the famous basketball player, also like to wear the NEW BALANCE brand.

Origin of the brand:

The English emigrant William J. Riley settled in Boston in 1906. In his old home country he practised the shoemaking trade. He had an idea to help people with foot problems and created a shoe. Thus NEW BALANCE was born. Later he joined forces with Arthur Hall and they produced shoes for athletes, especially for basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing and running. The company was subsequently sold to Jim Davis. From 6 employees making 30 shoes a day, the company has grown to over 2800 employees on every continent. The "N" on the outside of the shoes straightway identifies the brand.

Large assortment in many colours:

The selection of sneakers and running shoes at NEW BALANCE is really rich. The brand shoes are available in different price ranges and designs. The shoe fits perfectly to the sole of your foot. What they all have in common is the "N" on the shoe. NEW BALANCE is a shoe that makes running fun. Comfortable to wear and more than top quality. With the colours ice blue, orange and light blue, there are also unusual colour combinations. But they are also available in black or white.