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New Balance purple

New Balance is company for excellent quality, clever shapes and fashionable concepts. The sporting goods manufacturer achieves not only with innovative shapes, but also with unbeatable quality, Herren-quality textures and new materials.

Founded back in 1906, New Balance is a brand with a long history of success. Greatest popularity has the brand's sports shoes. The range of shoes of the brand is mostly new and is an excellent addition to their outfit. The Trackster is considered a modern milestone of the company and is one of the first functional running shoes in the world. The company achieved the foundation for the later success of New Balance shoes as a cult brand with the Trackster.

The distinctive style of the brand supply the sneakers a Herren recognition Core and secure the brand a permanent place in boutiques and sports stores. The label put great emphasis on bringing out a Herren-quality clothing collections. The trendsetter from the USA is casual and fits perfectly with a comfortable style.

The brand offers the right choice for many occasions. The shoe offers a fresh color scheme in purple. New Balance sets new and fresh accents again with this models and fits well with their casual outfit.

With the WL1980 New Balance delivers a new and athletic running shoe. Off in the shoes and go! New Balance sets new accents with purple. The New Balance not only inspires athletes and is also a safe choice in cities. The WL1980UC in purple has what it takes to be a real cult shoe with a Fresh Foam sole and offers comfort and dynamics with cult status.