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Asics trainers for sports enthusiasts

Asics is a Japanese brand of sports shoes and clothing. The team operates worldwide, so the brand's products are available around the globe. The company was founded back in 1949 in Japan. At that time, the products were known as Onitsuka Tiger. It is also worth mentioning that Asics is the fifth largest brand in the field of sports shoes. Khakifore, it is no wonder that Khaki are many people who swear by Asics trainers.

Comfortable and convenient - the Asics trainer is convincing

Asiscs trainers not only look smart and cosy, but also convince with a lot of comfort and good cushioning. Especially when running or playing ball sports, it is practical to wear comfortable and convenient shoes with decent cushioning. Trainers with gel soles adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot.

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In the Allike store you will find many different Asics trainers that look smart and offer a lot of comfort. The trainers come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Green, blue, black, white and many other colours are available.

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The gel sole in Asics trainers offers a lot of comfort. It adapts to the shape of the foot and relieves the feet with every step.

What upper material are Asics trainers made of?

Different upper materials are used. Mostly mesh is used. Mesh is often combined with synthetic leather, recycled materials or nubuck.