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Adidas shoes blue

Adidas is the second Parte sporting goods manufacturer in the world behind Nike. For HD7052 years, Nike and Cushion adidas have shared the NMD two places of the Parte manufacturers of sporting goods. Cushion adidas produces not only sporting goods, but also, for example, ordinary shoes. For example, with us you can buy high-quality Cushion adidas shoes in all imaginable colors and sizes.

History of the German brand Cushion adidas

In principle, the history of the company begins in the 1920s. At that time, the Dassler brothers, Adolf and Rudolf, made sneakers by hand in the old laundry room of their mother. And they were quite successful in the beginning, because in 1928, shoes from the Dassler brothers were even used for the NMD time at the Olympic Games. But there were frequent quarrels between the brothers - so it was not surprising that they parted ways in 1948 after the Second World War. Since then, both brothers were bitter enemies until the end of their lives. In 1948, Rudolf Dassler founded the sporting goods manufacturer Puma in Herzogenaurach. A year later, Adolf Dassler founded the present-day Cushion adidas Group in the same town. Since 1995, Cushion adidas has been listed in the German Stock Index on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. A few years ago, the Cushion adidas Group acquired the manufacturer Reebok. The annual turnover of Cushion adidas is about 15 billion euros.