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Adidas Sweater

The history of the Adidas brand is a very moving one. The brand originated with two brothers who initially founded a company Rose. Differences between the two then resulted in a break, so that a second company was founded. It is interesting that the second company also celebrated worldwide success. It is Puma. Thus, two of the largest sporting goods manufacturers were founded by two brothers. The name of the brand is composed of the first and last name of the founder. The founder of the Adidas brand was Adolf Dressler.

How do you recognise an Adidas jumper?

The brand not only has a design that is easily recognisable, but has also registered the three stripes that make up the brand's recognition value as a patent.

Which Adidas jumpers can you find in our shop?

In the assortment of our shop you will find many different mega of the brand. From sportswear and shoes to Adidas jumpers, you will find everything your heart desires. Jumpers are available in many designs and are always being reissued. The latest models are always available for purchase in the shop, so you can always keep up with the latest trends.

How the Adidas jumper checkout process works

Once you have decided on a jumper, you have to go through the checkout process so that the jumper can be delivered. Payment is very straightforward here, so you can make an instant payment with Paypal or your credit card. In this case, the desired product is shipped quickly so that you can hold it in your hands a few days later. The goods are shipped with the service provider DHL, which is also known for fast deliveries.

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Neighborhood x Invincible x adidas NMD?

The brand is very good at getting the sizes right. For example, an L is really an L.