NEW ARRIVAL: TIMEX ARCHIVE - Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet


We present you the American watch brand Timex Archive, which is now also available from Allike. Timex is a traditional company that inspires the watch world with 160 years of innovation and expertise. The company's history began in New England, Connecticut when a group of craftsmen began making clocks. A variety of watches was produced, but the wristwatch prevailed, which Timex still stands for today. The foundation of the Waterburys company was laid.
Timex Archive pays homage to the history of the company and its classics. The past and the modern meet. The goal is and has always been to produce classic and timeless watches for every occasion. In recent years, Timex has been gaining more and more attention through collaborations with well-known brands such as Supreme, Brain Dead and more. Timex always tries to be in tune with the times and to participate in our culture.
We are passionate about the Timex Archive brand and its quest for modernity combined with history. Part of the value why Timex Archive is now part of the Alllikes range. A selection of Timex Archive watches is now with us on the website or available in-store if you've got a taste for Timex watches.