Clarks Summer Solstice

Clarks Summer Solstice


Amidst gurning mouths and the heavy thump of Techno sounds, memories flicker for a fleeting moment beneath the pulsating strobe lights. It's like a hazy recollection of the weekend past, or perhaps a glimpse into Clarks' latest campaign dubbed "A Love Letter to the Rave.

Formally known as "Sunset: A Clarks and Manchester Film," this new campaign throws back to the early 90s rave scene in what was then named the 'dance capital of the world' joining the dots between the past and the present, the intangible things that will always be present as well as those elements that are always authentic in the scene like Clarks. With a nod to Manchester's iconic radio station Sunset 102 - (home of Manchester electronic music legends 808 State amongst others), Clarks celebrate the culture - still as real today as it was when it first started. Shot and directed by Glenn Kitson, the film embarks on a nocturnal journey with friends, from pre-drinks to the euphoric embrace of the club's music.

"Sunset: A Clarks and Manchester Film" not only highlights the timeless allure of rave culture but also underscores the enduring influence of music across generations, as if the spirit of Manchester's underground scene has been passed down to a new cohort of seekers in pursuit of nocturnal bliss.

Reflecting on the film, Kitson remarked, "We aimed to delve into the essence of rave culture, particularly in the North. It was crucial to bridge the gap between past and present, illustrating how echoes of yesteryears remain as relevant today." Indeed, this intergenerational connection mirrors Clarks' own legacy, with many of young folks inheriting their first pair from their fathers.

New Zealand EUR video on our Instagram page.

For its Rave Renaissance collection, Clarks focuses on sub-collections - one being the Yin-Yang pack which features the iconic Wallabee with a psychedelic twist in a Yin-yang material effect upper.

The Clarks Yin-Yang-Pack is now available at our Online Shop.