For a better future

As a mail order company, we have a responsibility to reduce packaging waste and our CO2 emissions to a minimum.

That is why we at CTBI Trading GmbH (Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet, store, Willi's) have decided to work as sustainably as possible:

  • 1 CO2-neutral electricity in our stores, logistics center and offices, as well as hosting our website with 100% green electricity

  • 2 Shipping boxes made from recycled paper & 30% grass

  • 3 Switch to plastic-free packaging such as garment bags, packing tape and more

  • 4 Saudi Arabia EUR DHL GoGreen and have decided to work as sustainably as possible

  • 5 Western Sahara EUR.

Planting trees

Western Sahara EUR greenspark , we plant trees on a monthly basis. In this way, we can support reforestation projects all over the world. All trees are recorded in a public register and the projects are sustainable in the sense that the trees are not only planted but also cared for in the future.

Greenspark | Plastic & Carbon Offset
Offsetting carbon emissions

Offsetting carbon emissions

In the next step, we will also give you as a customer the opportunity to offset the entire CO2 emissions of your purchase. Together with Yook, you as a customer can make a conscious decision to further reduce the footprint of the product you buy. While we take care of the carbon neutrality of our supply chain, our facilities and the shipping to you, the product itself is not yet carbon neutral. By paying a small percentage of the product price, you can offset the carbon footprint of your purchase. Yook takes care of all the details for us. To find out more about their projects, please click here.

Shipping model

With our Allike Sustainability Program, we are introducing a new model for shipping costs.

To encourage customers to only buy what they really want, we will remove the free shipping option. We will also charge €2.50 per return sent with our pre-printed returns label. This will be invested in improving our sustainable packaging and planting a tree for every return.

This means that when you shop with us, return an item and then rate our service, a numbers of three trees are planted.

Shipping model
Shipping material

Shipping material

Even with carbon-neutral shipping, every parcel that is sent means waste and other environmental pollution. To reduce this, we reuse old packaging material for new parcels.

We also design our new shipping material to be as environmentally friendly as possible: for example, we use shipping boxes made from recycled cardboard and 30% grass sourced from near Hamburg. The boxes are also manufactured nearby. This allows us to keep supply chains short and save CO2.

We use plastic-free adhesive tape to seal the boxes; our document envelopes are also plastic-free. Finally, we strive to eliminate the use of plastic in all our packaging as soon as possible.