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Orbitkey is a Melbourne based design company that was first established in 2013 by two friends, Charles & Rex. The two started out with a simple goal - to help people better organise their noisy, cluttered keys. By combining contemporary industrial design principles with countless hours of hard work, a thoughtfully designed accessory was born - the Orbitkey Key Organiser.

Orbitkey as a specialist for sophisticated accessories

Orbitkey is a company that invented itself in 2013. Two friends founded the company in Melbourne with the aim of creating practical and thoughtful accessories. The success started with the Orbit Key Organiser. But in the meantime, there are many other practical accessories and highlights of the brand.

Product inspiration from the community - Orbitkey is convincing

In the meantime, the Orbitkey team consists of over 20 team members. With them, the product range has already been greatly expanded. The team develops innovative and well thought-out products that are intended to help people cope with everyday life. Everything should be better organised. Products are developed through the feedback of the community and made into what they ultimately are. By now, more than 750,000 people enjoy the innovative products.

Accessories from Orbitkey in the Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet

In our online shop you will find a wide variety of accessories and little helpers from Orbitkey. Among them are the practical Leather Key Organisers, which are so practical and cleverly designed. They even come in different colours, so you can choose and buy as you like in the Cheap Witzenberg Jordan Outlet.

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Yellow 1 products?

The Key Organiser has 2 shaft washers which are responsible for tensioning and holding the keys. They are also to make it easier to swing the keys in and out.

Are there any spare parts for the Orbitkey Organiser?

If you need spare parts, this is also no problem. Orbitkey also offers the corresponding parts for the Orbitkey Organiser at good conditions.