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auralee new balance r_c2 msrc2ala msrc shoes are perfect for strengthening and protecting the foot. They are not only comfortable, but also highly visible from afar with their bright colours and in keeping with the current taste of the times.

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Why do you no longer run the way you once did under natural conditions? It's simple: high-tech shoes don't allow it. Modern developments launching made cushioning systems accessible to us that also allow us to run via the heel. The only problem is that the natural running movement that has developed over many millions of years cannot be so easily outwitted by a shoe with an air cushion. The rearfoot runner, for example, easily loses muscular control over the movement of the lower ankle joint. This often leads to excessive inward rotation (overpronation), which can be the trigger for some running injuries. Basically, however, your body is excellently equipped against such overmovement in the running movement. It can stabilise the ankles and arches with muscle strength. However, it can only do this if it is given enough time to tense these muscles after touching down. This is not possible with the violent pushing motion of the runner who falls on his heel. The forefoot runner who gently touches the ground with the balls of his feet first activates his lower leg muscles sufficiently and avoids the misalignments.


Back in your running shoes, you will wonder how you are supposed to run naturally at all with so much foam under the sole of your foot. What works excellently on natural surfaces initially leads to problems in shoes on asphalt. Although the sophisticated materials of the trainers offer us ideal protection against rough and hard surfaces, they make it infinitely more difficult to move naturally on the forefoot. The heel padding tempts you to roll over your back foot, but you can also land on the ball of your foot in these shoes according to your natural running style.