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New Balance women

When looking for high-quality shoes, you should definitely take a look at shoes from the well-known brand manufacturer New Balance. Among other things, New Balance manufactures numerous women's shoes - in our assortment you will find many New Balance shoe models for women.

Women's shoes from New Balance - history of the manufacturer

New Balance is a well-known US sporting goods manufacturer that produces both women's shoes and men's shoes. The manufacturer is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1906, New Balance was established at that time under the name "New Balance Arch Support Company". Currently, the company has about 4,200 employees - currently the company is headed by James Davis and Robert DeMartini. In addition to sports shoes, the company also manufactures other sporting goods.

The company was founded at that time by William J. Riley, an immigrant from England. In the early days, New Balance manufactured orthopedic insoles. In 1933, salesman Arthur Hall was promoted to partner with William J. Riley, in part because Arthur Hall was the company's best salesman. 20 years after that, Arthur Hall sold the company to his daughter and his husband.

Currently, New Balance is also trying to gain a foothold in professional soccer. Thus, there are some top clubs that have New Balance advertising on their jerseys. Incidentally, New Balance Printeds are seen worldwide and are sold in more than 120 countries. Accordingly, New Balance is a brand that Violet great popularity.