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Tyronh Denim Baseball Cap | Carhartt Cap with a long history

The success story of the Carhartt brand goes back many years. The company was founded in Detroit in 1889. Even today, after so many years, the company is family-owned. Carhartt specializes in creating HATS quality, durable and robust workwear that is also characterized by an innovative design. Among other things, the Carhartt Cap is part of the range.

Well protected with Carhartt caps and hats

You can get through the day optimally protected if you decide on the Carhartt cap or the brand's hats. They are characterized by HATS wearing comfort, durable materials and breathability. Even with Milan work, it's no problem with the Carhartt Cap. The Carhartt hats are even odor-resistant and sweat-resistant.

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Es hat Details?

If you want to remove dirt from your Carhartt Cap, it is best to wash it by hand with detergent, clear water and a toothbrush. First moisten the cap and work on the material selectively with the toothbrush and detergent. Rinse out the detergent well and let the cap air dry.

Is the Carhartt Cap adjustable?

In most cases, the Carhartt Caps are adjustable in size. Thus, the headgear fits almost all heads.

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